Tay Zonday + YouTube = Dr. Pepper

29 11 2007

Many of you have see the video recorded for Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”. Tay now has a music video that was created to promote a new Dr. Pepper drink, that features a remixed version of that song called “Cherry Chocolate Rain”. Before you watch, are you thinking “Wow, Tay sold out!”? Personally, I think Tay is deserving of the opportunity to have a sponsored video recorded. It’s because of the YouTube phenomenon that he even has the opportunity. On the note of the video, it’s pretty cheesy, and the lyrics are obviously messed around with to promote the product. There’s even a little rap going on. It’s pretty crazy, but still great to see for Tay. Sellout or not, Enjoy!

Was that chocolate? or…


Laugh at the Chicken!

28 11 2007

A few months ago, my sister turned me on to Robot Chicken. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a genius sketch comedy program done entirely in claymation (edit: and dolls). The show picks on everything and anything you can think of. I’m sure these clips will be taken off of YouTube pretty soon, since they’ve hammered down on removing any kind of copyrighted material, but I had to share these three clips with you. I hope you enjoy these small clips as much as I did!

This… is… Hilarious!!!!


So? When is he gonna phone home?

Death of an Apple Airport

21 11 2007

Fly Airport! Fly!


16 11 2007

So… Coolbeans?

Bonds Indicted and A-Rod Extended

15 11 2007

Today was the day. Barry Bonds, former outfielder and Home Run King of the San Francisco Giants, has been indicted on Perjury and Obstruction of Justice charges. The indictment comes about 4 years after the start of a tenuous investigation.

Click Here to View the ‘U.S. vs Bonds’ Indictment Papers

In other news, A-Rod had apparently agreed on an outline of a 10 year deal with the Yankees in the ballpark of $275 million. Anyone surprised? Not me! If anybody is going to break Bonds’ record, he’ll do it, as long as he stays consistently healthy.

As far as the bigger baseball news of the day, I personally have no opinion on Barry Bonds and his personal troubles (financial and baseball). But I’d be happy to hear your opinions on the indictment.

Happy Baseball Day!
(That was half sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell)

Who Needs Guitar Hero?

15 11 2007

…when you have Cowbell Hero!

You Got Punched!

14 11 2007

Believe in Your Dreams!

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