Don’t Fall!

29 07 2007

When Family Guy picks on or includes a celebrity, musician, actor, or a popular character in an episode, I think it should be looked at as an honor. Of course, Seth and his crew of animators and writers can be harsh on those characters. However, I was able to find one bad (yet, hilarious) clip with one of my favorite vocalists. The bad part, is that he’s falling down a lot of stairs. The funny part? Well, I’ll just have to let my Daily Moment of Zen explain that. Enjoy!



How You Found My Blog: Yankees Evil Empire

26 07 2007

Now this is a search term I can really relate to! In this installment of “How You Found My Blog”, I tackle this weeks most popular click-through in relation to the blog, and my personal favorite so far, “Yankees Evil Empire”. Why do I enjoy this search term so much? It’s actually very simple. I’m a Mets fan!

Now, when I saw I enjoy the search term, it’s because I can openly and honestly say that I “despise” the Yankees. But why, you ask? Let me breakdown what, exactly, I despise and don’t despire about the Yankees.

Yankees Evil Empire

I don’t despise the players on the club. How could you? Derek Jeter is going to the hall, as well as Mariano. Plus, the players around them are damn good as well! And A-Rod? Any Yankees fan who hates this guy, should be stripped of his/her fandom. Seriously, Alex Rodriguez is going to crush Barry Bonds’ eventual Single Season Home Run Record. He’s only 31 years of age and he’s just 1 dinger shy of 500. If anybody should hate this guy, it’s opposing pitchers! The Yankees need to keep Alex Rodriguez at all costs.

What I do despise (which is more like a “who”), is the *stereotypical* Yankees Fan. I’m only singling out a specific demographic of fan. Why? Because not all fans of a sports team are bad people. Not all fans are bad fans. But there’s a certain breed of New York baseball fans that are so despicable, and so disrespectful to other fans, and people. Let’s dive into an experience at Yankee Stadium, as told by a good friend of mine (who when told I was going to blog about it, wished to remain anonymous).

My good friend was attending a Yankees/Mariners game at the Stadium a few years ago. This friend was neither a Yankees nor Mariners fan, but just a fan of the game. A Mariners player whacked a home run into the crowd, which my friend then obtained after the ball had bounced around the seats a bit. After being told to throw the ball back into play by the fans around the area, my friend then hid the ball from sight and kept it. After being boo’d intensely and a little name-calling, my friend felt the cold chill of beer all over. Why? Because a couple of fans (who were obviously drunk and rowdy) decided it was cool to douse someone in beer because that person wasn’t a Yankees Fan in their own stadium.

Remember, I’m only talking about the tiny (less than 1%) of fans that would do something like pour beer over somebody’s head. I’m not only a Mets fan, but a fan of the game, and I respect every fan’s opinion. I know that the story above is a rare one, and every team has its group of disgusting fans… but this is a post specific to the most popular click-through at the moment, so I’m just catering to the readers. But I’m curious… Do you have any bad experiences with Yankees fans? Maybe a bad experience with fans of a team aside from the Yankees? I’d love to hear them! Leave them in a comment, and leave them anonymously if you wish.

So how can I end a post like this on a perfect note? With a little Zen, of course! Hey Peter, tell us about the latest in-game craze at the ballpark, will ya?

Buttscratcher? Buttscratcher!

FameCast – Part 3 – The Journey

25 07 2007

The Journey is continuing. Our fans, friends, and family have voted us into the Top 5 Singer/Songwriters on and we’ve earned the trip to Austin, TX. Matt and I are excited beyond belief, and we’re getting everything ready for a promotional storm before we head down! We’ll be sending out a big newsletter once we get down to the hotel in Austin, so be on the look out if you’re on our Mailing List. If you’re not on the list, you can join easily by Clicking Here. You’ll be taken to our page over at ReverbNation to confirm your subscription, but don’t worry, we only use ReverbNation for our Mailing List.

We’re due to fly in to Austin on Monday, July 30th, with the show to be taped live on July 31st at 9:00pm Eastern. You can watch the show live by Clicking Here, which will take you to the Singer/Songwriter LiveStage. We’ve also decided on our setlist:

Code Red, Flightless Wings, and Lets Stay Together (or) Her Song
(Click on each song to check out a Live Performance of each song)

Want a banner to promote the competition? Why not use this sweet little piece of promotional artwork?

FC Finals

We’re excited to meet the entire FameCast staff, and the other 4 artists who were voted into the Top 5! Keep checking back on my FameCast Page for more updates, and feel free to leave comments and feedback on what you think about our trip to Austin, our music, or anything band related.

Until then, how about some Zen? Can you sense it? Can you feel it? Something big is about to happen between Peter and his arch nemesis…


Photo Time: Really?

24 07 2007

Consolidated Edison is New York City’s electricity provider, and has been for many years. They’re also known for ‘to-the-point’ advertising, with campaigns like their recent “On It” posters and banners. Recently, on the subway, I ran across a new brand of Con Ed advertisements. The current advertising campaigns include tips on how to save money off of your electric bill (despite Con Ed raising their rates because they started to use a new paper size for the bills… yeah… I know). While I was looking at all of the advertisements, I came across this little section of a banner:

Con Ed

Let’s break this down, shall we?

– If you lose power, you can call the phone number above from your cell phone, and your land line. But, if you have an internet phone without the land line (don’t laugh, some people are in that scenario), you’re pretty much screwed. You’ll have to borrow someone’s cell phone, or call Con Ed from work, right? That’s lame.

– If you lose power, you can log on to the website above… no, wait… you can’t! Why? Because you have no power! Way to go, Con Ed!

So what do you think about that advertisement? You know what I think? I think all of this electric nonsense makes me hungry for some Zen. It’s not Con Ed, but let’s give it up to the Electric Company!

They will NOT be bringing you the power!

Sitcom Cheese

23 07 2007

Remember how lengthy and cheesy our favorite 80s Sitcoms were? Do you remember every single word to the “Mr. Belvedere” theme, or maybe the theme song from “Out of This World”? Well, have I got a cheesy theme song for you! It’s actually one of my favorite sitcoms from back in the day (which, by the way, was a Wednesday). The show? Punky Brewster. The song? Amazingly cheesy!

Do you see the girl who turns your world around?

Hold on a second… lets evaluate Punky Brewster for a second. Something tells me that a show like this wouldn’t fly in today’s age of sitcoms. I mean, really… an old man adopts a little girl… and nobody has an ounce of worry about it? No, I don’t think that would fly at all. However, I do know of a show that would most definitely become an instant hit! Peter, please tell the readers what show I’m talking about.

Ninjas Rule!

Hershey said to Brooklyn that Austin said…

23 07 2007

What a weekend! What a week! I’ve been away since Friday, so I’m definitely due for a meaningful post. In the spirit of “meaningful posts”, here is a recap of my past weekend, and a preview of my current day and the week to come, including an always hilarious ‘Moment of Zen’ to finish it off!

July 21st – Hershey, PA

James MorrisonBen FoldsJohn Mayer

Maya and I went to Hershey, PA for the concert I’ve been waiting for all summer! John Mayer was playing Hershey Park Stadium with Ben Folds and James Morrison! I had never heard Morrison’s music before the show, but I’m slowly becoming a fan. He reminds me of a young Mayer… catchy hooks and some cool lyrics. But when he left the stage, the real fun was about to begin.

Ben Folds took the stage, and I was left speechless. Aside from singing along with him, I didn’t say another word while I watched his incredible piano skills. At one point, he was playing with his knees! And at the end of his set, he threw his stool at the piano, which incredibly hit the keys at enough of a perfect angle to play a perfect final chord!

John Mayer finally took the stage, and… well… wow! Although I thought his production was a little ‘much’, to say the least, he blew me away once again! Of course, he started out with his more ‘lady-friendly’ tunes like ‘Why Georgia’ and ‘Neon’, but once he got through the Pop phase of the show, the real show began! He broke out into an incredible performance of ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ that went all the way to the end of his set with ‘Gravity’. I had never seen him solo the way I saw at this show. when he came out for his encore, he played an acoustic version of ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’, and finished off the entire show with ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor”. All in all, the entire show was incredible!

July 23rd – Brooklyn, NY

Today’s the day we sign our lease for our new apartment! w00t!

July 31st – Austin, TX

Does that say Austin, TX? That’s right, it does! Why? Because I won a trip to Austin, TX with my bandmate and amazing friend Matt Aronson to perform live on! It’s going to be such a hectic and awesome day! I’ll be flying down from New York at 8:00am and arriving in Austin around 1:20pm, performing that night with the show starting at 9:00pm eastern, and flying back the very next day! If you’re interested in helping us win the competition, check out my dedicated FameCast page to check out our progress.

Well, doesn’t that sound like an awesome past weekend and an awesome week to come? No? Wait… I know what’s missing! Care for some Zen?

Isn’t Texas great?

Keep It Down!

18 07 2007

I know this is a short one, but I found this video on YouTube and I absolutely had to share it! Even though I’ve already posted two Zen videos today, here are two more!

Mr. Belvedere anyone?

Life is more than mere survival…

Stewie, it’s your turn!

And we just might live the good life yet…

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