Hey Mikey, He Gets It!

8 04 2011

The Mets come home today with a 3-3 record (which is better than I predicted). They showed life during their series with Florida. They put up a hell of a fight during the first two games in Philadelphia. But no matter how good things may look, there will always be someone out there itching to rack up the ‘page hits’ by deterring the fanbase from the positives and turning them back towards the irrelevant. Fortunately, I came across the first positive piece on on the Mets that I’ve seen since the season started, and it was written by David Schoenfield over at ESPN.

He brings up a few interesting opinions that both of us share, like:

– Angel Pagan is the real deal
– The rotation (sans Pelfrey) has real potential
– Watch out for Josh Thole
– They ‘could be’ an 86-87 win team (emphasis on ‘could’)

After reading David’s write-up, I got a little overconfident and thought I’d keep searching the interwebz to find others who share the same opinions on how the season could turn out for the Amazins. Unfortunately, my streak of 1 was quickly broken by Mike Puma of the New York Post (aka: New York Porta Potty). Mike writes:

“The only good news for the Mets is they are finally home, ready to face the Nationals in the first game at Citi Field this season.”

That’s the only good news? Really? Are you not aware of anything that Schoenfield mentioned in his write-up? Granted, Mike does make small mentions of the Florida series, but that’s a pretty bold statement. I’m actually shocked I haven’t seen more Mets rants without a mention of Charlie Sheen, considering he’s in NYC. Maybe he’ll show up at the game today. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? But hey, maybe knowing he’s there is what they need to get people into the WINNING mindset. (c wut i did thar?)


You Stay Classy, Gonzo!

7 04 2011

Update: I was informed that Gonzo would offer this post to his mother as a birthday gift. Isn’t that swell? What a guy, that Gonzo! Send my regards! =D


Another game of the 2011 MLB season goes by, and another Mets rant goes live. If I may, assuming you’ve just read the linked article, I would like to sum up the first 5 games of this young season for the Mets.

Game 1 – Josh Johnson showed up, Pelfrey was erratic
Game 2 – Wright puts it away, Frankie goes wild
Game 3 – Dickey was ridiculous
Game 4 – Young impresses, Hamels struggles vs Mets again
Game 5 – Mets come back from 7-0 to tie, Bullpen can’t hold it

Looking back at the first 5 games of the season, there are a ton of positives. Wright is hitting, Dickey continues his dominance from last season, Young is lights out in his debut, The 7-run comeback, and they’re getting contributions from everyone on the roster. If you could write anything negative about the first 5 games, it would be that Pelfrey has been off of his game (if he ever appears to have one), and K-Rod well had an awful appearance. That’s it. Five games, tons of positives.

“But Josh, why would anyone write such a ‘bashing’ article if the Mets are playing better than anyone really expected, and aren’t 0-5 to start the year like the guys up in Boston?”

Well, unidentifiable question asker, it’s really quite simple. There’s nothing ‘substantial’ to knock the Mets about. They’re not 0-5, they’re playing hard, they’re playing as a team and they look like they’re having fun! Despite what writers want you to believe, there actually is no “National Punchline” involving the Mets. So Chris Rock, a Mets Fan, makes a few cracks. He’s a comedian. He gets paid to make people laugh. Of course its funny. I laughed when I heard that joke! So Seth McFarlane decides to throw the Mets under the bus with a crack before the season even starts. Again, he gets PAID to create a show that will make people laugh. Otherwise, Family Guy would’ve been off the air a long time ago. John Stewart? The Mets fan? I don’t think I need to show you where this is going… If you can’t laugh at yourself, or the things you love, then… nevermind, I’m not being paid to be your therapist.

The bottom line is this… As long as the Mets continue to play hard, and put up a fight on the field, the only thing we’ll continue to see from ‘expert bloggers’ and writers looking for a quick burst of hits to their articles in order to reach their quota for their newspaper is an overdose of “BAHAHAHA METS (insert claim of actual rivalry) BAHAHAHA METS (insert random madoff joke) BAHAHAHA METS (insert random charlie sheen quote about winning)”

In short, what you’ve just read over at the Philly.com website is the result of what happens when a sports writer strokes his e-peen for just a second too long. It feels good on the way out, but its just not worth the mess. But don’t blame me for the impressive mess Gonzo leaves for you to clean up. Go on and tell him to clean it up himself.

Major League Greedball – Dodger Blues

10 04 2008

That’s right, kiddies! If you’re a Dodger fan (or just a fan of baseball) living in Los Angeles, and you can’t afford Field Level Box Seats at Dodger Stadium, your pre-game autograph days are over! T.J. Simers over at the Los Angeles Times wrote an article about Dodger Stadiums latest rule. According to this new rule, only fans with tickets to Field Level seating will have access to pre-game autograph opportunities that most fans of other teams have. If you read T.J.’s article, you’ll read about one fan’s stadium experience after being turned away after the new rule took effect, while his seats were just outside of the Field Level Box Seats. As a fan of the game in New York City(aside from being a Mets fan), I’m always psyched to head to Shea Stadium about two and a half hours before games to chat with players and grab some autographs. It’s something I’ve done since first going to Mets games as a kid, and it’s something I’m looking forward to doing with my future kids.

Dodger Stadium
If you look closely, you can see the Field Level ushers turning people away even with the game already in progress!

How can a storied organization like the Dodgers turn away not only the adult fans, but the children (whose family or friends can’t afford box seats) that come to ballgames hoping to get an autograph from one of their favorite player? Well, according to a Dodgers PR guy, an area in Center Field will is dubbed as “Autograph Alley”, where one former Dodger will sign autographs before every game. Ex-Dodgers like Lee Lacy and Jim Gott have already showed up to the centerfield area, where no current players are expected to venture out to before a game. But what 10-year-old wants Lee Lacy’s autograph? Wouldn’t he/she rather have Andruw Jones’ autograph? What about Brad Penny?

In a follow up article on the LA Times website by T.J. Simers, The Dodgers are awaiting ‘more data’ as they begin to reconsider the new rule, while fans have been pushing complaints through. If you have anything to tell the Dodgers Organization about this new rule, send an email over to fanfeedback@ladodgers.com and let the Dodgers PR people know exactly how you feel.

[Thanks, Veronique, for linking this post to the LA Times Blog!]

Welcome to the United States of America, where in Los Angeles, the dollar gets you autographs of your favorite athletes. Now get back to your “Reserved” seat, lower class citizen! If I were a Dodger Fan in Los Angeles, I’d be almost as mad as Phillip Wellman when he argues with umpires…

Major League Greedball – Arod and the Fish

2 04 2008

Arod Cigar

Doing my usual web-browsing for baseball news, I came across this Yahoo article on Alex Rodriguez and the Florida Marlins. The article had nothing to do with statistics or the game itself. It had to do with money. This article was about how Alex Rodriguez ($28 million) makes more money, annually, than the entire current roster of the Florida Marlins ($21.8).

If you’ve read my previous “Major League Greedball” post, you’d know my stance on the flow of money through sports, and where I believe it should really be going. I have nothing against Alex and his talents, or any other player in baseball and their talents, for that matter. I just have a hard time believing in the sport with so much money being dumped into it, when all that money could be going to more important places (in my opinion), like into the pockets of educators. Now, I’m not saying that highly paid players don’t give back to their communities. A lot of players have foundations, charities, or donate money because of a clause in their contract. That’s all wonderful and great. But at $28 million a year… if Arod doesn’t win any World Series rings as a Yankee, that’s one big waste of money, in my opinion.

I’ll feel a little better when the $21.8 million Florida Marlins make a playoff run… or will Jeff Loria sign a truck-full of high-priced Free Agents at the end of the season to win a World Series, and fire everyone when they finally win it? How very “Huizenga” of me to say…

Snooping Into The Past

26 03 2008

Back in October of 1991, my uncle was involved (and almost killed) in a terrible shooting out in Lake Success (Long Island). I never knew a whole lot about what happened, except for the broken pieces of the story I’ve heard from my uncle. I remember seeing a television segment that shows police sending a robot into Andy’s house, so yesterday, I decided to do some internet snooping to see if I could find any newspaper articles or videos on what happened. To my surprise, I found an old New York Times article, and a video on YouTube. The video is the same footage I saw on television, just a few years after the shooting had happened.

Crazy… Just Crazy…

Major League Greedball – Cabreraball

24 03 2008

This morning, I read an article on ESPN.com about another “big” signing in Major League Baseball. The Detroit Tigers are all set to sign newly acquired 3rd Baseman, Miguel Cabrera, to an 8-year contract worth $153.3 Million! If I wasn’t annoyed about salaries in professional sports, I am now. I’m not going to make any “Statistical” arguments about why nobody in baseball should make nearly that much. I’m going to make a more practical argument.

Everyday in this country, teachers are getting short-changed. Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. I’m not a teacher, but I have a lot of friends who are, and who are struggling to make a living for themselves because they don’t make nearly as much as they deserve. What can a teacher do for you? A teacher can give you building blocks and motivate you to be whoever and do whatever you want to be successful. A teacher can show you that you should always reach for your dreams and goals. Education is so important in the growth of our children in this country, and all over the world. As a matter of fact, teachers are so important, that they could teach people like Rosanne Barr how NOT to sing the National Anthem like this…

I remember this… and I remember throwing up afterwards…

They could also give Ashlee Simpson’s sound guy come sound career advice when he screws things up for poor Miss Simpson…

“Saving her voice” my @ss. If she can’t hold her own on stage and resorts to ‘over-dubbing’, then she shouldn’t be performing live…

What kind of message does this Cabrera contract signing send towards the children of this country who need education and teachers? In my own opinion, it doesn’t send any positive messages towards the kids of America, except for a message of greed. Basically, if you can play baseball well, you’ll be rewarded with all the money you could dream of. So, play the game to get rich… because if you play the game unselfishly and because you love the game, you’ll end up making as much as a Tampa Bay Ray. (I still think of them as the Devil Rays)

When I see my elementary school, middle school, and high school teacher friends making as much as professional athletes, I’ll be more interested in the sport of baseball, and other professional sports, like I was when I was growing up. It’s one thing to earn a living, being a professional athlete. But to play the game for greed is a whole other story.

But on another note, as a Mets fan, I sure am glad to see Miguel in the American League. Happy Trails, Miguel!

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