Listen to Wilford

4 04 2008

I would never make fun of people with Diabetes, and I don’t. Diabetes runs in my family, and it’s not something I take lightly. But when I saw this video on Holy Taco, I couldn’t help but laugh. Wilford Brimley has been an advocate for Diabetes through Liberty Medical for a long time, but he’s also been the butt of many jokes in reference to his commercials, most notably by ‘Family Guy’. But Nathan Eldridge, of, created this hilarious remix video of his Wilford’s commercial. Diabetes is definitely not a laughing matter, but this video definitely is. Enjoy!

Watch out for the Beetis!


Hillary’s Farshnugening Obama!?

3 04 2008

So, Hillary, is it true?

It’s True! Not…

The Passion in 5 Seconds

1 04 2008

Yes! Finally, there’s a new ‘5 Second Movie’ that I can thoroughly enjoy! To prepare you, I’ve never been a big fan of Mel Gibson (for some silly reason they call ‘being antisemitic’), and I’ve always been a fan of religious humor. Hell, I knock on my own Jewish roots all the time. While this movie was supposed to be a serious film, and I never did see it (for the same reasons I’m not a fan of Mel Gibson), I can’t help but find this clip to be absolutely hilarious. So, I present to you, The Passion of the Christ in 5 seconds!


Indian Music Videos (With Subtitles)

1 04 2008

I love a good music video, especially when it makes me laugh. I’m not posting these to poke fun at Indian musicians and artists, but more to share a laugh with all of you readers out there. So before you say, “Hey J Soul, that’s not nice! Those guys work hard to produce those videos”… relax, I’m not here to bash anyone. Just try not to laugh too hard!

Nipples, anyone?

Benny Lava needs a bun to bite…

Watch out for that odd and chunky Ferengi man!

Canseco – The Poem

27 03 2008

~ by J Soul
(Also found at the Global Mets Fan Blog)

Go Away Jose
I don’t care what you have to say
Stop publishing your greed-driven books
Because I’ll be the last one to pay

You’ve tarnished the reputations of many
With a disgusting smirk on your face
How much money is it going to take
To put you in your place

What’s important now are the children
And the harm these drugs can do
But you don’t care about all that
Just the careers you want to screw

Now that I think of it
You probably needed the ‘roids in your ass
We all know that without them
You couldn’t have hit the ball over of the infield grass

Let it be known that nobody is safe
As long as Jose raises his brow
If you can hit or throw a baseball
You must’ve gotten the drugs somehow

Back that @ss up, right into Jose’s needle!

Dave No Likey Ashton

26 03 2008

Like Dave Chappelle? Hate Ashton Kutcher? Then this video is perfect for you! Once again, another video that proves to me that Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time! Seriously though… if you can’t take a little racial humor, then don’t watch this video (Just a little fair warning before you start posting weird comments on the post). Enjoy!

&!@$ Ashton Kutcher!

Pick Up The Phone!

25 03 2008

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