Little Bill

3 10 2008

Being a big fan of The Colbert Report since its inception, I’ve started to watch “The O’Reilly Factor” only because of the constant jabs that Stephen Colbert takes at Bill O’Reilly. I don’t agree with much of anything Bill has to say, and I would classify his show as a comedy of its own, rather than an informative source of news (because everything that Fox News puts out there makes me laugh). That all being said, I came across this video of Bill O’Reilly as a kid. No, it’s not really his child-self, but it’s a funny retrospect of what Bill O’Reilly might have been like if he hosted “The Factor” as a kid. Enjoy!

So that’s why Hurricanes keep on coming!


Kimmel Simmons

4 04 2008

To mark his 1,000th episode, Jimmy Kimmel invited Richard Simmons on as a guest, and to shoot a new viral video on YouTube. I’m not sure if I like this one as much as his “I’m $&%@ing Ben” video, but it definitely has its moments. Maybe you’ll laugh a little more than I did. Enjoy!

I said you’re not clean! Clean up!

Damn Thijs, You Scary!

3 04 2008

Not really… just the singer. See, when I saw this video of Focus performing ‘Hocus Pocus’, I was way more taken in by the drummer’s ridiculous skills. But when Thijs van Leer opened his mouth, my jaw dropped. At first, I wanted to shut the video off as quickly as possible. I felt a little concerned about the well-being of his vocal chords. But after a while, I finally opened up to all of the cool improvising he was getting into (especially the whistling and the flute playing). So, in retrospect, I’m not scared of Focus at all. They were and still are a kickass progressive rock band. So please, enjoy some Focus!

Absolutely kickass!

Presidential Pokemon

31 03 2008

While the first video shows Barack Obama as the winner of the upcoming presidential election, that doesn’t mean I share that same vision of ‘hope’. As it turns out, I’ve lost all interest in this year’s Presidential Election. I’m a big fan of Ron Paul, and I hope he shows up during the final campaigns as a nominee. Wait, did I say Ron Paul? It’s too bad you can’t sense sarcasm from reading words on a screen. If you could hear me read that last sentence back to you, it would make me laugh too! But aside from all that hoopla , I’ve been completely turned off by all of the inter-party bickering between Clinton and Obama supporters. As a registered democrat, I no longer feel like I’m part of a united party, but part of a divided a party. (Sarcasm… taking over… make it stop!)

(Thanks CNN and FoxNews for brainwashing me with those terms, and thanks K.C. for helping me point out my own sarcasm!)

But I digress… Enjoy this awesome clip of one person’s vision of this year’s presidential race!

For some reason, ‘Obamachu’ just sounds wrong…

It could also go down like this…

She should have used “Bill’s Big Mouth”!

Since a good majority of readers who’ve left their comments here and on other sites haven’t been able to read into my sense of humor and assume I’m actually supporting anyone, I’ll have to get serious for a moment. If the selection for President of the United States came down to my vote, it would have to go to these guys. (Serious? Me? Did you fall for the sarcasm again? I just can’t stop!)

[ Readers. please keep the comments at a PG level ]

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I Knew It!

4 03 2008

Oh Sarah, you naughty girl you!

Jimmy Strikes Back!

What makes this second video hilarious (aside from the obvious running joke that Jimmy and Sarah have going) is the amount of celebrities that participated in this video. Yet another reason why I still think Jimmy was the better “Man Show” host! Go Jimmy!

Inside The Mind of a Mets Fan

28 02 2008

[ This post can also be found on the Global New York Mets Fan Blog ]

I’m sure this post will bring in a lot of flack from Phillies fans and fans of other NL East teams, but I’m not concerned. I’m confident there are “decent typing” fans out there who can tell the difference between a direct insult and a generalization (which is what I’m doing here). So what might be on the mind of Mets fans going into the 2008 Season? After a conversation with a friend, and fellow Mets fan, I thought I would share his mindset in the form of a picture show. Each one of these photos speak thousands of words into how my friend felt about the events of last season, the events of the offseason, and what he wishes for the upcoming season. Please enjoy: Inside the Mind of a Mets fan: A Picture Show!

“What I wanted was a repeat of…”

Mets 2006 Champs Paper

“But then there was…”

Phillies NL East Champs

“And I felt like…”

Upset Mets Fan

“But then I saw…”

Rockies Sweep

“And then we got…”

Santana Pitches

“And it would awesome if he could…”

J Roll Face

“Because what I really want now is…”

Mr Met Beats Phanatic

The End

Somebody Call Nine One One!

21 02 2008

9/11 Videos

A few days ago, on the way home from Union Square, I saw this setup against a wall in the ‘L’ subway station. Each section of the cardboard setup that you see above featured a DVD that was about 9/11 and all of the ‘conspiracy’ theories that surround it. The photo doesn’t show much, and I only took it because I thought my phone was in ‘video’ mode. A fair amount of college-aged people were approaching the setup and asking questions, while the middle-aged and older crowd of the subway station backed off, and that got me thinking about what people really think about the events of that day.

What do you think about 9/11 conspiracy theories? I’m interested in hearing some of your opinions.

While I wait for your responses, I invite you watch today’s Video Zen with me. Enjoy!

I’m going to see him at Shea in July! Woohoo!

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