Barkley 2014

28 10 2008

Alabama, according to this interview, this could be your leader in 2014!

( Insert Sarcasm Here )


Let Me Sleep On It!

10 04 2008

Here’s another video (only the 2nd or 3rd) that I stole from my sister’s blog. AT&T went out and hired Rock Legend, Meatloaf,  and Former Pop Star, Tiffany. What did they hire them for? For a super awesome cover of Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” to promote a AT&T’s ‘Go Phone’. I’m not always for the cheesy celebrity commercials, but this one was just plain awesome. Enjoy!

Anyone for Tiff-Loaf?

Bust a Nut!

4 04 2008

No, this isn’t that kind of post. But after you listen to this radio commercial, you might think so. A few years back, there was a radio ad for Corn Nuts that played on the airwaves, but was pulled after just a few weeks. I can’t imagine why they’d pull an ad about Corn Nuts… Can you figure it out?

Oh! That’s why it got pulled!

Drunken Goldblum

2 04 2008

Okay, so he’s not drunk. But wouldn’t it be funny if a drunken Jeff Goldblum was to pitch an apple product? Wait! He already did, but not while drunk. Fortunately, someone slowed down an old commercial that he shot for Apple back in 1999, and he looks and sounds wasted. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.

I love the interneeeeeeeeeeet…

Who Cut The Cheese?

10 03 2008

Remember this year’s Super Bowl? The one where the Giants did the impossible and put a stop to the undefeated hopes and dreams of the Patriots? I do… but that’s not what I remember the most. While I am a football fan (Jets fan, but I respect what the Giants accomplished), I remember that the Super Bowl commercials were kind of bland this year. Lucky for me, I just ran across a Bud Light advertisement that was ‘apparently’ deemed inappropriate for airing during the Super Bowl. If you enjoy a bit of toilet humor, then you’ll love this commercial. Ready? Set? Laugh!

Does pulling your finger help you cut the cheese?

Welcome to Perfectville

5 02 2008

Months ago, I trashed Reebok for allowing a misprinted advertisement to be posted on the NYC subways. Hopefully, nobody was fired, but who knows. But today, I’m praising Reebok for their newest advertisement. Now, I’m no Giants fan, but I was happy to see the Giants beat New England in the Super Bowl. I’m a Jets fan at heart, and any day the Patriots lose is a great day. There’s no better way to sell your product AND shove it in the face of New England, than by releasing this gem of a commercial.

Happy Off-Season, Pats!

Pepsi Beats Up Timberlake

4 02 2008

It’s pretty much been established that Justin Timberlake is a hilarious actor. Whenever he was on Saturday Night Live, I couldn’t stop laughing at his crazy antics. Pepsi just released a new commercial during the Super Bowl that features Mr. Timberlake and has a small cameo by his “Dick in a Box” sidekick, Andy Samberg. I think this is one of the funniest commercials of all time, aside from Justin taking a beating. One of these days, I’d like to see Justin take a year off from music and take on a year on SNL as a cast member. But anyway, here’s the commercial spot.

Mailbox, 12 o’clock! Ouch…

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