Inside The Mind of a Mets Fan

28 02 2008

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I’m sure this post will bring in a lot of flack from Phillies fans and fans of other NL East teams, but I’m not concerned. I’m confident there are “decent typing” fans out there who can tell the difference between a direct insult and a generalization (which is what I’m doing here). So what might be on the mind of Mets fans going into the 2008 Season? After a conversation with a friend, and fellow Mets fan, I thought I would share his mindset in the form of a picture show. Each one of these photos speak thousands of words into how my friend felt about the events of last season, the events of the offseason, and what he wishes for the upcoming season. Please enjoy: Inside the Mind of a Mets fan: A Picture Show!

“What I wanted was a repeat of…”

Mets 2006 Champs Paper

“But then there was…”

Phillies NL East Champs

“And I felt like…”

Upset Mets Fan

“But then I saw…”

Rockies Sweep

“And then we got…”

Santana Pitches

“And it would awesome if he could…”

J Roll Face

“Because what I really want now is…”

Mr Met Beats Phanatic

The End


Live Music versus Produced Music

26 02 2008

Remember the good ol’ days when musicians and artists would play live shows, and sounds just like (or even better than) their recorded albums? I sure miss those days. Paul Simon live sounded like a Paul Simon record. Billy Joel live sounded like a Billy Joel record. I’m sure you can catch my drift. Well, times have seemingly changed, and I felt like blogging about a topic that I’ve debated with some of my friends for a long while. What I’m going to do is share two videos, featuring a band called “Panic! At The Disco”. One video will be a produced music video, and the other will be a live performance. I’m interested in hearing which version of the song sounds better, and why you think so.

Remember, be as open and honest as possible. I’m really interested in hearing your truthful non-biased opinions. Watch, and discuss!



Photo Time: Clintbama Hillariousness

21 02 2008

I’m a registered Democrat, but I’m not a fan of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton… yet. Neither candidate has given me that tingly “I want him/her to be president” feeling. But one thing I appreciate, is the amount of comedic imagery that comes out of elections like these. There’s bound to be photoshop gurus out there who love to create parody images of candidates, as well as just plain creative people who love to put together a good joke. I’ve found two photos that I want to share with all of you, that I think sum up just how funny election time can be. But remember, I’m not a fan of either candidate, so posting these photos is not tied to my own opinions at all. Although, I’d love to hear what you think about them. Enjoy!

Borat Obama
Very Nice!

Clinton Cracker

The Catch – Recreated

21 02 2008

If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you’ll remember Eli Manning’s incredible pass to David Tyree that ended in an even more incredible catch, and an eventual game-winning drive for the Giants over the “then” undefeated New England Patriots. My good friend Ethan made a little video, recreating “The Catch”, and I’d like to share it with all of you. If you have the time, leave Ethan a comment about it over at the YouTube video page.

Somebody Call Nine One One!

21 02 2008

9/11 Videos

A few days ago, on the way home from Union Square, I saw this setup against a wall in the ‘L’ subway station. Each section of the cardboard setup that you see above featured a DVD that was about 9/11 and all of the ‘conspiracy’ theories that surround it. The photo doesn’t show much, and I only took it because I thought my phone was in ‘video’ mode. A fair amount of college-aged people were approaching the setup and asking questions, while the middle-aged and older crowd of the subway station backed off, and that got me thinking about what people really think about the events of that day.

What do you think about 9/11 conspiracy theories? I’m interested in hearing some of your opinions.

While I wait for your responses, I invite you watch today’s Video Zen with me. Enjoy!

I’m going to see him at Shea in July! Woohoo!

The 2009 Patriots Theme Song!

14 02 2008

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