Little Bill

3 10 2008

Being a big fan of The Colbert Report since its inception, I’ve started to watch “The O’Reilly Factor” only because of the constant jabs that Stephen Colbert takes at Bill O’Reilly. I don’t agree with much of anything Bill has to say, and I would classify his show as a comedy of its own, rather than an informative source of news (because everything that Fox News puts out there makes me laugh). That all being said, I came across this video of Bill O’Reilly as a kid. No, it’s not really his child-self, but it’s a funny retrospect of what Bill O’Reilly might have been like if he hosted “The Factor” as a kid. Enjoy!

So that’s why Hurricanes keep on coming!


Stalker in Training

16 04 2008

Are you a sports fan? Are you a die hard sports fan? I bet there’s someone out there who is a bigger fan than you. Okay, I lied. He’s the biggest sports fan in the entire world. How big, exactly? So big, that he’s beginning to look like a Stalker in Training at a very young age. Take a look…


Dave No Likey Ashton

26 03 2008

Like Dave Chappelle? Hate Ashton Kutcher? Then this video is perfect for you! Once again, another video that proves to me that Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time! Seriously though… if you can’t take a little racial humor, then don’t watch this video (Just a little fair warning before you start posting weird comments on the post). Enjoy!

&!@$ Ashton Kutcher!

Snooping Into The Past

26 03 2008

Back in October of 1991, my uncle was involved (and almost killed) in a terrible shooting out in Lake Success (Long Island). I never knew a whole lot about what happened, except for the broken pieces of the story I’ve heard from my uncle. I remember seeing a television segment that shows police sending a robot into Andy’s house, so yesterday, I decided to do some internet snooping to see if I could find any newspaper articles or videos on what happened. To my surprise, I found an old New York Times article, and a video on YouTube. The video is the same footage I saw on television, just a few years after the shooting had happened.

Crazy… Just Crazy…

Major League Greedball – Cabreraball

24 03 2008

This morning, I read an article on about another “big” signing in Major League Baseball. The Detroit Tigers are all set to sign newly acquired 3rd Baseman, Miguel Cabrera, to an 8-year contract worth $153.3 Million! If I wasn’t annoyed about salaries in professional sports, I am now. I’m not going to make any “Statistical” arguments about why nobody in baseball should make nearly that much. I’m going to make a more practical argument.

Everyday in this country, teachers are getting short-changed. Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. I’m not a teacher, but I have a lot of friends who are, and who are struggling to make a living for themselves because they don’t make nearly as much as they deserve. What can a teacher do for you? A teacher can give you building blocks and motivate you to be whoever and do whatever you want to be successful. A teacher can show you that you should always reach for your dreams and goals. Education is so important in the growth of our children in this country, and all over the world. As a matter of fact, teachers are so important, that they could teach people like Rosanne Barr how NOT to sing the National Anthem like this…

I remember this… and I remember throwing up afterwards…

They could also give Ashlee Simpson’s sound guy come sound career advice when he screws things up for poor Miss Simpson…

“Saving her voice” my @ss. If she can’t hold her own on stage and resorts to ‘over-dubbing’, then she shouldn’t be performing live…

What kind of message does this Cabrera contract signing send towards the children of this country who need education and teachers? In my own opinion, it doesn’t send any positive messages towards the kids of America, except for a message of greed. Basically, if you can play baseball well, you’ll be rewarded with all the money you could dream of. So, play the game to get rich… because if you play the game unselfishly and because you love the game, you’ll end up making as much as a Tampa Bay Ray. (I still think of them as the Devil Rays)

When I see my elementary school, middle school, and high school teacher friends making as much as professional athletes, I’ll be more interested in the sport of baseball, and other professional sports, like I was when I was growing up. It’s one thing to earn a living, being a professional athlete. But to play the game for greed is a whole other story.

But on another note, as a Mets fan, I sure am glad to see Miguel in the American League. Happy Trails, Miguel!

You’re on Television, Jerk!

3 03 2008

I may have called him a jerk because he should realize that he’s gonna be on TV, being a MLB ballplayer and all… and because kids watch baseball games too… but I laughed… a lot!

Ice Ice Crazy

6 02 2008

Today’s daily YouTube snooping found me searching for old Vanilla Ice videos. Vanilla who? You know, Rob Van Winkle? The Iceman? Bi-Polar?

Anyway, I found these two videos, and proceeded to laugh my ass off at both of them. The first, was a hilarious parody of “Ice Ice Baby” that Jim Carey performed on “In Living Color” (My goodness… remember that show?). The other, is a video of Mr. Van Winkle smashing stuff with a bat, which was equally as funny as Carey’s performance. Enjoy!

His grandma gave him that dumb jacket…

Whoa there, Mr. Bi-Polar!

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