Indian Music Videos (With Subtitles)

1 04 2008

I love a good music video, especially when it makes me laugh. I’m not posting these to poke fun at Indian musicians and artists, but more to share a laugh with all of you readers out there. So before you say, “Hey J Soul, that’s not nice! Those guys work hard to produce those videos”… relax, I’m not here to bash anyone. Just try not to laugh too hard!

Nipples, anyone?

Benny Lava needs a bun to bite…

Watch out for that odd and chunky Ferengi man!


Christmas Time in March

10 03 2008

Live Music versus Produced Music

26 02 2008

Remember the good ol’ days when musicians and artists would play live shows, and sounds just like (or even better than) their recorded albums? I sure miss those days. Paul Simon live sounded like a Paul Simon record. Billy Joel live sounded like a Billy Joel record. I’m sure you can catch my drift. Well, times have seemingly changed, and I felt like blogging about a topic that I’ve debated with some of my friends for a long while. What I’m going to do is share two videos, featuring a band called “Panic! At The Disco”. One video will be a produced music video, and the other will be a live performance. I’m interested in hearing which version of the song sounds better, and why you think so.

Remember, be as open and honest as possible. I’m really interested in hearing your truthful non-biased opinions. Watch, and discuss!



Remembering an Angel of Music

28 09 2007

Forever a Star of Gladness

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, know also as the “Gentle Giant”, was indeed an angel of music. The peaceful demeanor between his voice and ukulele has yet to be matched. There was none other in this world who could spread the message of happiness like Israel. When he was lost in 1997, the world lost an true angel of music. His music has and forever will be n influence on my own life, and my own music. I do hope you come back someday, Israel, to grace the world with your music once again.

Jane! Stop this ******* Thing!

14 04 2007

April Noreaster

Yep, that’s where I am… right in the middle of that red mess on the map! If you haven’t heard, there’s a “Nor’easter” coming my way, and it’s supposed to be the storm from hell. Although, I think we’ve finally passed through what was our biggest hell-storm of the year (Look 2 Posts Down). Personally, I love storms… well… not being in the middle of storms… but more like listening to and watching a storm from the comfort of my own home.

I finally went to my first Mets game of the 2007 Season, and it was last night against the Washington Nationals. In case you missed the game, check out the results here! The game-time temperature was a brisk 46 degrees (that quickly dipped down to around 35 with the 26mph wind gusts! Hooray!). I… was… FREEZING! But, nevertheless, my sister and I roughed out the cold to see Julio Franco (Oldest Player in MLB History) save the game with the go-ahead (and eventual game-winning) hit in the bottom of the 7th inning!

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why did he put stars in place of the obvious F-word in the title of this post?”, right? The answer it quite simple. Lately, I’ve been using that very word a little too much. I blame it on being a New Yorker. Some people blame it on my friends (who also have an “extremely extensive vocabulary”). I say, Fuck is totally awesome word, and it’s definitely not a racist word either. Don’t believe me? Wait.. oh I see.. ok, fine. As long as you keep any form of the word “Fuck” at least 7 words away from the word “Ho”, 5 words away from the word”Nappy”, and 14 words away from the word “Head”… then we’re all squared away, right?

Hold on a second… XM just called my cell phone… I think they’re offering me my own radio show, where I can be as offensive and simple-minded as I want… You mean Imus isn’t doing that yet? Oh wait, you’re right, Stern’s already doing it!

In celebration of the word “Fuck”, I present to you my Daily Moment of Zen. Take it away, Lebowski!

If you only knew how much I laughed when I watched that video… Huh? That was a bit much for you? Fine… Sorry Lebowski, you’re just too much for some of my readers. So, in that case, Peter Griffin, the stage is yours once again!

Okay… so Peter doesn’t say “Fuck”… but doesn’t that make you wanna say “What the Fuck!?”

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