Pepsi Beats Up Timberlake

4 02 2008

It’s pretty much been established that Justin Timberlake is a hilarious actor. Whenever he was on Saturday Night Live, I couldn’t stop laughing at his crazy antics. Pepsi just released a new commercial during the Super Bowl that features Mr. Timberlake and has a small cameo by his “Dick in a Box” sidekick, Andy Samberg. I think this is one of the funniest commercials of all time, aside from Justin taking a beating. One of these days, I’d like to see Justin take a year off from music and take on a year on SNL as a cast member. But anyway, here’s the commercial spot.

Mailbox, 12 o’clock! Ouch…



16 11 2007

So… Coolbeans?

You Got Punched!

14 11 2007

Believe in Your Dreams!

The Ideal Business Meeting

5 10 2007

Damn You Gigantic Turkey Sub!

Andy Attack!

3 10 2007

Yep, it’s yet another SNL Digital Short. I just can’t help it. Andy Samberg has really grasped on to a killer concept in these shorts! Of course, the “shorts” concept on SNL was hatched way back in the show beginnings, but Andy sure has done a great job of making the shorts a big part of the show! Now, as much as I love “Dick in a Box”, “Iran So Far”, and “Natalie’s Gangster Rap”… this short blows the rest of them away, in my own crazy little world. Enjoy what I like to call, “Andy Attack!” (Even though it’s clearly not the name of this short)

Bad Will Forte… You should know better!

Hot When Angry

3 10 2007

Indeed she is… Indeed she is…

Get Your Boxes Ready!

2 10 2007

30 Helens agree. There’s always time for a Dick in a Box!

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