Chanukah always makes me wonder…

3 12 2010

…if there are any commercial radio stations anywhere in the United States that play all-day ‘Chanukah classics’ during this time of year. I’d tune in to that over Mariah Carey trying to convince me over and over that all she wants for Christmas is me… Lies, Mariah! Lies and Shenanigans! My significant other would like a word with you!

Speaking of Chanukah… What has Chanukah Harry brought you this year? So far, he’s given me the gift of M&Ms, and the gift of the Mets non-tendering John Maine. So far, so good!


Bed Bath & Oy!

10 11 2010

The other day, I was shopping in Bed Bath & Beyond. Among the countless number of Christmas gifts and decorations, I stumbled on the one lonely shelving unit of Chanukah gifts and decorations. At first, I was pretty annoyed because, well… Why does Chanukah get a flimsy shelf of stuff while an entire section of the store is decked out in Christmas stuff!?

Then, I saw it. The one thing that I not only want for Chanukah, but that every Jew should own and pass down from generation to generation until the end of time…

Riding The Q

13 12 2007

This morning, I came across that story via an article on that finally made sense to me. While the content’s of the article are somewhat disturbing, the outcome spoke out with peace.

So I ask the question that’s been asked for the longest time: “Why can’t we just get along?”

While you ponder the answer to that question, enjoy today’s video zen!

I love being Jewish in Hymietown!

Get Your Boxes Ready!

2 10 2007

30 Helens agree. There’s always time for a Dick in a Box!

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